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Architectural Reviews

Have some concerns about your server-side architecture? JasperFx can help you feel more confident or course correct with an architectural review of your current software efforts.

architectural reviews

Modernization Efforts

Need some help revitalizing an older system? JasperFx has some hard-won experience wrangling old code into more modern technologies and more successful code structures.

modernization efforts

Asynchronous Messaging

Hey, asynchronous messaging is hard. It’s hard to test, hard to troubleshoot, and hard to achieve reliability. JasperFx is well equipped to help your organization succeed with asynchronous messaging both with Wolverine or any other messaging infrastructure.


Event Sourcing

Event Sourcing is still a relatively new software architecture pattern, and there’s not a wealth of industry knowledge yet about how to utilize it successfully. Based on our experience in supporting Marten, JasperFx is well positioned to help shops make the most of an Event Sourcing strategy either through direct consulting or through workshop training.

event sourcing

Test Automation Improvement

Having a robust automated test suite is invaluable for maintaining systems over time, but quite often that testing safety net is slow and unreliable. Worse yet, the automated tests themselves are often hard to maintain. We are well equipped to help you improve your test automation strategy in a holistic way that considers both the test automation itself, how your software architecture could better support the test automation efforts, and the necessary collaboration between developers and testers to make it all work.

software testing

Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development has long been regarded as a great way to improve the quality of your code, but it’s not particularly easy to do in real world systems and many developers give up on TDD. JasperFx can work with your developers and architects to succeed using TDD within your current codebases through direct mentoring and collaborative coding with your developers.

test driven development

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