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Unlock success
with event
driven architectures

  • Consulting services to help you succeed with your server side development.
  • Best practices and guidance to help you build event sourced systems that are easy to maintain and scale.
  • Mentor our clients on test automation strategies and effective Test Driven Development.
  • Support plans designed to get you expert help and support on Marten, Wolverine, and related libraries on demand.

Critter Stack libraries are some of the most mature libraries I've ever used and their feature set and integration is perfectly tailored for real world problems to solve.

- Alexander Zeitler, PDMLab

The ease of implementing event driven and nosql support is what I value the most. Not having the struggle of making different frameworks play well together to get the same functionality is both time, and therefore, cost saving.

- Daniel Toivonen

I love the simplicity you get in the end. There is a learning curve as you need to unlearn things and change your way of thinking, but in the end you will get very low ceremony code that is easy to reason about. You can read the business intention. The [AggregateHandler] as both a Decider implementation and an example of A-Frame is just beautiful!

- Major Martin, MADIS Consulting Kft

I started small - a bit of Alba for testing, a little Marten for documents, Wolverine as a mediator, and as the complexity of my applications have grown, I've only leaned in more on the Critter Stack. The developer experience of these tools is amongst the best in the industry. My code is better than it has ever been - clearer, easier to reason about, and with the excellent support for event sourcing, I'm amazed how often my customers sheepishly ask for something they anticipate will be challenging, and I actually have to reassure them it won't be - nice change! I never feel backed into a corner with these tools. My code grows and adapts in pace with the businesses I support.

- Jeff Gonzalez, Owner, Hypertheory

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